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Rates for Classes

All classes are open invitation and reservations are recommended. The studio offers other specialty classes that may not be on this pricelist. Please see the schedule if you don’t find what you’re looking for here.

Mat Work Classes follow a series of exercises performed on a mat in a group setting, using your body and gravity as resistance. 1 $18
5 $80
10 $150
Equipment Classes are specialty group classes conducted on Pilates equipment such as the reformer or the chair. Reservations are required.
1 $35
5 $150
10 $250
Yoga Wall Pilates Classes are specialty classes using straps as resistance and support.
1 $24
5 $105
10 $180
Cardio Kickboxing Classes are a fun and refreshing alternative to your cardiovascular fitness options. They are non-contact group exercise classes that focus on keeping your heart rate up by punching and kicking.
1 $15
5 $55
10 $100

Rates for Sessions

All sessions are by appointment only, offering you the personal touch needed to work on specific goals. Your training will use the resistance of springs, pulleys and other equipment to deepen your Pilates experience.

Private Sessions are one-on-one training sessions using any and all of the equipment in the studio. Your sessions will be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. 1 $75
5 $325
10 $600
Duet Sessions involve two students working side-by-side on the equipment or mats. This is a great way to train with a friend, or ask us to pair you with a partner. 1 $50
5 $225
10 $425
Trio Sessions are semi-private sessions involving three students. 1 $45
5 $200
10 $350
Quartet Sessions are semi-private sessions involving four students. 1 $40
5 $190
10 $250
For clients who prefer to participate in a variety of session and class types or seek more payment convenience, we offer account based packages (minimum $350). This allows you to receive the 10 pack rate on all your services.

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